John 3: Born Again – 31 January 2010

John 3: Born Again

31 January 2010

Video: Baptism (by Sneeden)

Welcome & Opening Prayer: Pastor Sean Pease

Baptism: Katy Peck

Video: Baptism (by Sneeden)

[congregation stands]

Congregational Song: To God Be The Glory (28)

Reading in Unison: John 3:1-8 (NASB)

[congregation seated]

Special Song: Christ Sacrifice Medley (Ayana / Kerissa / Moriah Georges)

*(Dedicated to Katy Peck on the day of her baptism)*

Sermon: Sean Pease – John 3: Born Again

I. The Cast

John 3:1-2

Who was Nicodemus?

Who is Jesus?


II. The Answer

John 2:23-15; John 3:3


III. The birth

  1. From Above
  2. From the Same Source
  3. By Water and Spirit


“anothen” – ἄνωθεν. John 3:31; John 19:11

Van Cliburn + Tchaikovsky or Sean Pease + Tchaikovsky

Psalm 139:13; John 3:5


The Roman Road

Romans 3:23; Romans 6:23;
Romans 5:8; Romans 10:9-10


Invitation: Something Beautiful (Gaither)

Offering: Calvin Rutherford (Special Song): I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever (Youth)

Lord’s Supper: There Is A Fountain Stained With Blood (749)


Special Song: Forgiven and Loved (Uriah Georges)


Blessing of Fellowship Meal: Tommy Munselle


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