Posted in December 2006

More on Unity

As I have been reading through Wiersbe’s Your Next Miracle, I read this quote taken from a letter John Newton wrote to George Whitefield in 1757: The longer I live, the more I see of the vanity and the sinfulness of our unchristian disputes; they eat up the very vitals of religion. . . . … Continue reading

Your Next Miracle

I am currently reading Warren Wiersbe’s Your Next Miracle.  So here I am reading along in a section dealing with Jesus’ miracles that only Matthew records (17:24-27) about the temple tax.  Wiersbe speaks about how Jesus teaches humility in this miracle.  I start thinking about so many of the current issues “making the headlines” in the Southern … Continue reading

History of Calendars

I got into a conversation with a friend yesterday about calendars and how we date things. I decided to dig up this paper and post it. INTRODUCTION The history of calendars and the customs related to them is incredibly vast. Even when the area of investigation is reduced to include only the lands of the Bible, … Continue reading