Hip Hop Abs


I am in the middle of this workout right now…..and, I love it!  So much different than Tony Horton P90X – but it is serious fun.  You get down in a half hour and your are sweating with a smile on your face.

I am far from a dancer.  Come on, I am a Southern Baptist preacher!  And I love this workout!

Shaun T shows you his method called “Tilt, Tuck & Tighten” to help you burn fat as you dance your way to six-pack abs.  Everything is broken done into easy steps.  You go through it slowly before hitting it at tempo.

Order from me through this website and get the FREE DVD BONUS Workout – Hip Hop Abs EXTREME (a $19.95 Value).

So the package comes with 4 routines (plus the bonus routines).  Hip Hop Abs also includes a nutrition guide, the Results on the Run Diet Guide that shows you how to eat at your favorite fast food restaurants, a Six-Day SlimDown plan, a 30-Day workout calendar, measurement tools to keep track of inches you lose.  Don’t forget the incredible online support and in my as your coach – someone who will keep you accountable and on track for success.

Click HERE to order or get more information about Hip Hop Abs.



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