The workout program made famous by Tony Horton – well, I guess it was made famous by the gazillion people that have gone through it and had incredible results.  As I have said over and over again on this site – that is why I am so excited about the Beachbody products – they get results.

Tony has put together an incredible program that involves a dozen different workouts.  The whole range from resistance training to yoga.  You’ve got cardio, martial arts, stretching.  He calls it muscle confusion, but it is all about getting results by keeping the body engaged.

These workouts last from 45–90 (Yoga) minutes.  Each one is different.  You need some supplies: chin-up bar, resistance bands or dumb bells (I recommend a set of dumb bells with adjustable weights 5-55 lbs), exercise mat is nice as well as yoga blocks.  I have used both the resistance bands and dumb bells, both work great.

The program includes a complete nutrition plan, fitness guide, how-to video, calendar, and an incredible online community of support – NOT TO MENTION, you have a coach IN ME that loves this program and has been through it three times!  Bring it!

Click HERE to order or learn more about the P90X fitness program.


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