Tai Cheng

Have you ever noticed those groups of Asians doing what seemed like very slow motion martial arts moves?  I am not stereotyping here at all.  Because if you noticed what I am talking about – you also noticed that the group you saw all looked to be very fit, even though some participates may have seemed very old.  They were is great shape.  Why?

We are such a society based upon fitness being all about pushing yourself to the limit.  Sweat! Burn! No Pain – No Gain!

So what is it about simple MOBILITY and AGILITY that equals VITALITY?

Ready to say goodbye to common aches and pains that may be holding you back from enjoying lifelong activity?  Tai Cheng™ is a natural solution designed to help you do just that.  It combines 21st-century fitness science with the centuries-old techniques of Tai Chi to help reduce joint and muscle pain through better muscle control.

The real breakthrough behind Tai Cheng is a rapid learning technique called Dynamic Motion Control™ that teaches you to master the 18 fundamental moves of Tai Chi in just 90 days.  Every day Tai Cheng takes you through a gentle energizing warm-up and teaches you a new Tai Chi move.  In phases, you’ll learn to put the moves together into sequence.

You’ll experience increased balance and strength, improved joint function, a wider range of motion, less stiffness, greater flexibility, and an overall feeling of natural energy and well-being.

Exclusive BONUS: Order Tai Cheng through my website and receive the Tai Cheng Body Alignment For Better Living DVD FREE! (a $19.95 value)

This is a 90 day program developed with Dr. Mark Cheng.  It includes 12 workout DVDs, plus a reference DVD and additional fitness tools.


Click HERE to get more information or to order Tai Cheng.


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