Posted in November 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a great time with family for Thanksgiving 2010.  We try to alternate each year between spending time with my extended family in Oklahoma and Tammy’s family.  This year we decided to get away and head to the family place down in Southeast Texas.  The Deep Piney Woods. We missed being with my dad … Continue reading

Thinkin’ Out Loud

We have had many things going on at church for the last couple months.  Many blessings and many struggles.  They both have been hidden somewhat by daily life.  We have been studying the Book of Job on Wednesday nights.  God pulls back the top layer of life to show us what is really going on … Continue reading

Pets and heaven

We began talking about this not to long ago at church.  Then, yesterday, I saw this article on Focus on the Family’s website.  It is titled Do Pets Go to Heaven? and was posted by Jim Daly. What prompted him to write the article was an email he received from a friend – mostly as a … Continue reading


So it has only been a year since my last post…. 😦 Facebook, our church webiste, ect, ect, ect… So today Dad and I tried out a new Lebanese restaurant in Richardson.  Olive (formerly Peace Pipe Cafe) is located on Arapaho Road just west of Custer Road.  It was great and I highly recommend it. … Continue reading