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Bananas keep you full longer …

I just read in Real Simple magazine that bananas contain a certain type of fiber called resistant starch which the body can’t absorb. That means it hangs out in your system, the fiber does, and keeps you feeling full longer. Advertisements

The Healthiest Meal of the Day!

The Healthiest Meal of the Day!

I have been using Shakeology to replace two of my daily meals. IT WORKS! Shakeology can help you: Lose Weight Feel Energized Improve Digestion and Regularity Lower Cholesterol Tastes delicious, too! What to learn more about Shakeology? Click HERE.

Ready to End The TREND?

Ready to End The TREND?

Beachbody has been producing the nation’s most popular in-home fitness programs for more than 10 years. No matter what your goals are—to lose weight, become totally ripped, take your strength and stamina to the next level, or just get healthy and feel great—our proven-effective DVD programs, workout equipment, and top-quality nutritional supplements can get you … Continue reading

Supplements: Workout related

I have been putting together a post related to the supplements I take (or have taken).  However, it kept getting longer and longer.  So, I decided to make individual posts related to groups of supplements. Today I will post about those things I take related to my workouts.  While some of the vitamin packs and … Continue reading

New find: Yogurt

I found a great yogurt today. Actually, I had seen it in the shelves at Target for some time but ha never tried it yet. Today I did and it was GREAT. Siggis non-fat yogurt. It is Icelandic style. Less sugar than the other yogurts. 100 calories, 11g carbs, and 14g protein. I recommend it. … Continue reading

Fitness Programs | Nutrition

Want to know more about the fitness programs and the nutrition (and supplements) available through Beachbody?  Check out my site here: I am so excited about what these programs have done for me.  I will be posting soon the recent success I have seen.  Until then, the above website has thousands of success stories, great … Continue reading


I have been replacing two meals a day with Shakeology. So, my month supply of Shakeology using the Home Delivery option was used up in half the time. I decided to order a box of the new Strawberry Shakeology and it arrived today – just in time. At first, I wasn’t sure about this new … Continue reading