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Any discussion on the Southern Baptist convention 2007 would have to begin with the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary class that I took in association with this year’s convention. I had never been able to attend an SBC due to mission work overseas occurring during the same time period as the convention. My wife had been … Continue reading

History of Calendars

I got into a conversation with a friend yesterday about calendars and how we date things. I decided to dig up this paper and post it. INTRODUCTION The history of calendars and the customs related to them is incredibly vast. Even when the area of investigation is reduced to include only the lands of the Bible, … Continue reading

Are Biblical Covenants Dissoluble?

I received my Fall 2004 Southwestern Journal of Theology issue this weekend.  Strange that it is the Fall 2004 issue and is copyrighted 2006 and distributed this weekend.  Oh well.  The first article is entitled Are Biblical Covenants Dissoluble?: Toward a Theology of Marriage.  It is written by David W. Jones and John K. Tarwater … Continue reading

Revitalizing The Sunday Morning Dinosaur

  (originally written April 15, 2003) Author Dr. Ken Hemphill is the president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. It is the largest evangelical seminary in the world. He is the son of a pastor and inherited his father’s deep love for the church. Hemphill has a background of effective church growth … Continue reading